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1. Have you ever called a person useless?
I have.

2. What object in your room is really important to you?
The room I'm in right now is my office. So, my computer?

3. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
I wish I could say I am. But, I don't have a poker face...at all.

Where did number four go?Collapse )

[taxonomites] Application

Your name/crazy internet handle/whatever: Brandon
Personal journal: mr_likestofight
Email: such.a.heart@gmail.com
AIM: suchaheartleads
Characters in Taxon (if applicable): None as of yet. This would be the first.

Character name: Ally McBeal
Genre (TV/books/etc): TV
Fandom: Ally McBeal

Ally is a flawed, realistic human being who I relate to.Collapse )

[road] How's My Driving?

Comments, compliments and criticism welcome!

[voice mail] contact

"You've really, reached - you've reached Ally, Ally McBeal and I'm not here right now. Leave your name and number if you wish - of course, if you really want me to get back to you your number would be of help. Oh, just leave a message."

[Both the muse and the mun can be reached here.]